Vote these buggers out…

South Africa is quite literally “falling apart” at the helm of the governing ANC.

Filled to the brim with ministers unfit for office, arrogantly believing the rural vote will save them in perpetuity.

vote these buggers out

In a broad-ranging, no-holds-barred interview, Prof Jonathan Jansen says that South Africa “needs to vote these buggers [ANC] out of power” come national elections in 2024.

From the crime, unemployment and electricity supply crisis to fumbling education policies, Jansen says he’s advising talented young South Africans to leave the country in the short term.

He wants our best and brightest to then return once we’re out of the “lacuna, this vacuum, this interregnum, if you wish”, to help rebuild the country.

Jansen delivers incisive analysis that cowers to nothing and no one.

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Vote these buggers out
vote these buggers out