Using Email in Your Retirement

Using email in your retirement is faster, more affordable, and more valuable than any other medium.

email to retirement

How important is growing your retirement business to you?

Making money without having to work 18-hour days?
Helping others to find what they may be looking for?
Over the years, we have all tried various methods to make a living.
With the same marketing or advertising approach as others.

Some worked, and many didn't!

Most of us struggled. Either not marketing or using mass advertising.
To be successful we need people to buy what we are selling.
To strangers, most of the time.
People who have no idea who we are.
They don't know us.
They don't know what we market, or who we promote.

Because of this, they don't trust us.
They find us via our website. Or Google, Social Media, or advertising.
All this is very expensive. And we have no idea how well they work.
Because we are not able to measure their effectiveness.
Everything changes. Almost daily.

Finding new prospects becomes an expensive exercise.

Each one is a "hard sell".
The majority do not buy. They're just curious.
So the cost of sale is much higher than we can afford.
And there is no certainty in anything, especially sales.

This is the approach that most small business owners follow.
Long before they are even thinking of retirement.

Successful people do one thing very differently.
They stay in touch with their customers.
Each old customer becomes a prospect for something else.
And each person who doesn't buy something is a prospect for tomorrow.

Keeping in touch is vital for business

The longer we keep in touch with people, the easier it is to sell to them.
A prospect is not someone we dispose of because they didn't buy.
Maybe next time, they will.
Staying in touch allows us to share stories about their problems.
Problems we may have a solution to.

The more stories we share, the more others trust in us. And that is what email marketing is all about.
Not the rubbish you get each day from folk who think sell, sell, sell. 
That's just pushy advertising. Or the "S" word.

For a small business owner, email marketing is simple.

It looks complex because:

  • Where do we start with our first list?
  • What do we write about? The subject, content, our style.
  • Which Service to Use? 
  • Each hurdle seems higher than the last one.
  • Each demands answers to many questions.

This is why many of us never even get started.

Peter Carruthers can help you with getting started.
Pop along to his Home Page and see what he can do for you. 

Email to Prepare for Retirement

You will be converting prospects to customers within a few days.
Building relationships is more important than money.
And, over time you will make more money than you are now.

So you will be able to retire in comfort within a year or two.
That's something to look forward to, isn't it?
I wish you well on your journey.

PS. If you already have a business and would like to go Online, I suggest you pop along to and check out their offers. Or simply click the pic below.
Even if you want to try doing a little affiliate marketing yourself.
At the very least, you will learn something.

Email to Prepare for Retirement

Retirement means you get to do what you “want” to, not what you “have” to.

With very best wishes, 

email to retirement

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