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Situated in a tropical coastal setting on the north coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, “Twinstreams” Nursery is the Dream of Africa.

A luxuriant and peaceful paradise created by Dr Ian Garland, ably sustained by Jonathan and Pearl Cromhout is nestled in an oasis, a vast rehabilitated forest on a farm in the Siyaya catchment on the doorstep of the small seaside town of Mtunzini.


Visit the nursery and be amazed by the tranquillity and incredible beauty of this unique indigenous planting, together with all the fauna which has now found a place to share with us.

Butterflies drift over fragrant flowers, birds call incessantly.

Come share this sense of Place, “Twinstreams”, take a small piece away in your hand and your heart.

Take that seed which was passed on and create your own paradise.

We specialise in the propagation of a wide range of high quality, hardy indigenous species from Zululand, suitable to a wide range of areas in South Africa.

With over 600 species to choose from, Twinstreams has one of the most comprehensive collections of indigenous species in the country for the discerning gardener, landscaper, developer and nurseries.

We collect all our own seeds in our forest and locally, manufacture our own growing media and recycle our used plant bags, ensuring our in-house processes are constantly improving and are green.

In addition to this incredible range, we offer full Turnkey landscaping services, rehabilitation and environmental assistance at a very competitive price.

With the assistance of our well-trained staff, come and see how you can create a living garden full of diversity and water-wise plants, learn about the invasive species threatening our environment, how to garden without pesticides, and improve your soils organically.

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Shared with grateful thanks and very best wishes


Chris Wilkinson (Sole Prop – Bootstrapper – Eternal Optimist) 

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