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Imagine yourself on 30 September 2023, next year.

It’s a Saturday night. You’re looking back at your past twelve months.

In October 2022, last year, you started a project to earn R10,000 per month.

You started with some simple research.

You discovered which of your hobbies, passions, skills, or experiences might interest others.

Then you identified websites which offered products and services related to your interest. These merchants wanted to pay you to introduce people to their sites.

By the end of the first month, you’d built a beautiful website related to your chosen topic. It wasn’t as complex as you expected to set up and style. You “introduced” your site to Google.

Then you began writing 750-word articles about the problems you faced when you started. You placed each on your website. (These are still the problems people face when they want to start.) As you wrote, you “gave away” the problems and linked to other sites which offered solutions.

Your first article took more than a week 

Because you feared it might not be good enough. You soon realised that the people you were writing to did not care that you couldn’t write like Hemingway.

By the end of the third month, you were using simple tools to write easy-to-read articles within an hour. Each had perfect grammar because you ran them through some simple tools.

After the first three months, you published a few articles each week. It did not take long to post lots of stories and experiences. Each of these also showed people where to find related products and services.

You got paid each time someone purchased a product or service from these referrals. The flow started slowly.

One year later, you earn more than R10,000/month.

That number keeps growing. Each merchant site you send your readers to pays you in US dollars for sales made. As the Rand loses value against the dollar, you get more for the same effort.

  1. Google sends people to your site who want information.
  2. You give them that information.
  3. You send them to sites that sell solutions.
  4. They pay you. It is that simple.

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At midnight tonight (Friday), your hurricane price of R 997 reverts to US$ 997.

Warm regards.

Peter Carruthers.

Disclaimer: Expect to invest 30 minutes every day to get the results you want.

Shared with thanks and best wishes.

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