The Truth about NHI

South Africans owe much to the efforts of its activist non-profit organisations.

Especially those like Solidarity’s Research Unit.

Which invests great effort in challenging endless irrational legislative proposals from the ANC.

As it is doing once again after the ruinous National Health Insurance Bill. Passed through Parliament last week.

The Truth about NHI

Connie Mulder puts the ANC’s unaffordable, foolish proposal to the sword.

Sharing some of the arguments that they will make in court.

The true mystery is why the ANC persists with ideas that are certain to fail in the courts.

Which remains the primary power in any Constitutional Democracy.

It is time for us, as taxpayers, to hold political parties responsible.

Especially when they waste the country’s money in such obvious vote-pulling ploys?

Connie Mulder was interviewed by Alec Hogg on BizNewsTV.

With very best Wishes,

The Truth about NHI

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