The PA from the other side with Charles Cilliers

The Patriotic Alliance is synonymous with its charismatic president Gayton MacKenzie.
A larger than life man’s man who possesses no diplomacy filters and takes no prisoners. 

PA from the other side

Critics of the fast-growing political party write it off as a one-man show.
But as you’ll discover in this interview with PA co-founder Charles Cilliers, that superficial judgment is done at your peril.
Cilliers, a journalist and prolific book author who wrote MacKenzie’s life story in 2007, is urbane, mature, and articulate. 

Apart from disputing much of the narrative surrounding last week’s drama in the Joburg Metro, he offers insights into reasons for the party’s stance.

Based, he says, on fierce independence.

This interview is certain to change perceptions. 

Cilliers spoke to Alec Hogg of BizNews.

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