The new world of marketing via email

How things change, yet stay the same, over time. Especially with regard to Marketing via Email.

marketing via email

With the advent of the POPIA Act in July, a lot has to change

If you still don’t know how the Act works, check out Petes Free Introductory course. You will get some good insights.

We’re living a new reality as small business owners.

Social media has turned everyone into a marketer with a microphone and amplifier.

Shout louder to get attention at all costs. But this is not the way to get noticed.

Conventional wisdom is flawed. The assumption that lead volume matters more than lead quality is old hat.

It may be simple math. But it’s also a red herring.

We don’t NEED millions of followers or tens of thousands of email subscribers to be successful.

That’s the hard way, which requires lots of luck and good timing. That’s not a strategy.

If it was, we’d all be billionaires.

A repeatable strategy is to think narrower — tiny, even. Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 True Fans is a concept of thinking smaller. The number is not important; it can be only 100.

“Instead of trying to reach everyone, we should seek to reach the smallest viable audience and delight them so thoughtfully and fully that they tell others.” – Seth Godin

But to get there needs a totally different mindset.

If you are happy with your current reality about modern marketing, don’t read any further.

The idea is that better prospects matter. Especially through marketing via email.

But the reality is that prospects are not created equal and neither are customers.

We all have a choice. We get to choose the type of business we want.

The people we want to do business with.

What “success” looks like to each of us. It’s our choice.

We don’t have to be part of the “herd”. Each one of us is different, with our own choices.

We live in a culture where the Band-aid solution fixes everything. In every category of society.

The “herd” way:

  • Problem: not enough customers
  • Solution: increase lead volume (clickbait, lowering barriers to entry, free offers, etc.)
  • More advertising, or spam.

This thinking is flawed.

You can’t lose weight by going to the gym, followed by consuming six doughnuts and a Coke!

You can’t out-exercise the cause of the weight gain.

Perhaps a whole-food spinach and avocado smoothie with no added sugar would do the trick.

Generating customers through coercion and short-sighted tactics does not work.

Even with a list of 100 000 email addresses.

Successful businesses are built on high-quality, long-term, happy customers. Even with a list of 100.

Something to think about. Marketing via Email. For starters, anyway.

‘Til next time.


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marketing via email

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