The Flawed Genius of Jan Smuts – A History Lesson

Jan Smuts is a foremost political figure in South African 20th Century History.

The Flawed Genius of Jan Smuts

Recognised by two of the world’s leading historians as being at the centre of the vision for a new world order.
Which emerged from the League of Nations and the United Nations.

  • “Few actually understand how key Smuts is in the crafting of the world systems that emerges outside of South Africa – Keith Breckenridge (Economic History Professor)
  • “He was one of the most enlightened, courageous, and noble-minded men of the 20th century.”
  • “A man who fought for his country but who thought for the whole world” – Winston Churchill.
  • “No politician in England has combined his sweep, his detachment, and his subtlety” – Manchester Guardian.
  • “This was a great leader, he was a man who knew his story, he was a man who was a brilliant intellectual.” Ken Gillings (Military Historian).
  • “Even the great thought he was great”…. Alan Paton
  • “It was his vision that the whole is more important than the solitary or the individual.” Allister Sparks (Author and Political Commentator).
  • “He is one of the few great men in international politics.”…..South Wales Argus. 

This one hour drama-documentary looks back on his life and the circumstances that shaped it in search of some answers.

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