Since the ’70s, I have been in the Nursery, Landscaping industry in South Africa.
As suppliers of nursery products. Or Distributor. A middleman, so to speak. 

I was even a SANA Hero. And a Gold Medalist.
Now I’m just an honorary member. Retired. No longer involved.
With lots and lots of memories of years gone by. So many friends.

But age has caught up with me and I no longer have the energy to keep going.

I closed African Nursery Supplies in November 2021.

Right up until the end I have had very good relationships with the companies and people that I feature on this website.
So now I recommend their services to you.

Click a Pic to visit the relevant supplier page

If you don’t know them, make an enquiry.
The Products are listed on the sidebar.
Even if you do know of them, you can get in touch. They will respond.
At least, they’ll know where you have come from.

I hope you can develop as good a relationship as we have had over the years.
Besides, they are much younger and more energetic than I will ever be. 

A Request to suppliers of nursery products in South Africa.

Do you use a Referral / Affiliate Program in your business?
Maybe we can help each other? Let’s talk. Via email.

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