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Sunbird Aloes in KZN – Premier Growers

As premier growers of Sunbird Aloes in KZN, we can make your garden special.
New options for home gardeners and professional landscapers.

Unique, sustainable, and water-wise gardening with Sunbird Aloes

The plants have beautiful flowers in a wide range of colours.
With scenic foliage and contours to complement any garden.
Or any professional landscape design.

Sunbird Aloes are adaptable to any garden or climate in South Africa.
Because of our 40-year South African breeding program.
We offer a wide variety of different cultivars to suit your space.
From the balcony to your garden.
You can even use them for roof-top gardening.

They grow in shallow soil, use less water, and are easy to maintain.
With their fire-resistant properties, they act as a barrier.
Plants are also tolerant of sea spray and wind.

Aloes provide more nectar and pollen due to extended flowering seasons.
And they provide food for birds, butterflies, and insects.
Because they contribute to the adaptability of our surroundings.

To learn more from Sunbird Aloes in KZN, please contact us, by email, below.
Price and availability lists are available. You just have to ask.

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