Plastic, Poly-woven Plant Bags and Nursery Accessories

Full range of Plastic & Poly-woven Plant Bags and Nursery Accessories

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Plant Bags

Standard Plant Bags, approved by the SANA Growers Association
Made in South Africa – 100% Virgin Material – Recyclable & Reusable.
Used by Professional Growers and Landscapers in South Africa
Maximum UV Protection and long life.
0.75 litre – 10 litre for seedlings and small plants
20 litre – 200 litres for the larger Trees, Shrubs, Palms etc.

Polywoven Big Tree Bags

Polywoven Big Tree Bags – Packed 10 per size
Polypropylene Material, laminated for better water retention.
Holes for Improved  drainage
Handles for easy liftingHome and Garden Services – Small Businesses
50 Litre – 250 Litre – Long Lasting, Durable.
Suitable for: Big Trees, Shrubs, Palms.


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