I have been involved in Small Businesses for most of my adult life.
Sole Proprieter, Partner, Director, Manager, Employee.
I’ve had a few successes and many failures (lessons).

I’ve also served on boards of associations, school governing bodies, PTA’s, Sports Clubs, Boy Scouts, Resident Associations, etc.
All voluntary, no paid positions. I’m not a politician.
So many committees that I lost count a long, long time ago.
I have learned an awful lot of lessons in my relatively short life.

There’s bad news, disasters, politicians, corruption, trauma, and difficulty all around us.
Blitzed by Television, Newspapers, Magazines, and Social Media.
No end in sight. Doom and Gloom.
The economy is a shambles.
We’ll never get out from under the yolk of corruption.
All the crooks and gangsters will get off scot-free. No future.
Blame it on the government. Or somebody else. Anybody else.
Road deaths, murder, mayhem, war, terrorism, poverty, disease.
The list is endless, so what can we do?

Well, we can try to keep a positive mindset, despite all the trauma. 
And so, I would like to share some of my contacts and lessons with you. 
People and programmes that have helped me through the years.
Not always for financial gain. There’s much more to life than just making money.

I’d like to thank all those folks who have supported me over the years.
It has been a fantastic, enjoyable ride.
From now on, I shall simply be sharing whatever I can.
As long as you continue to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.
Thank you.

So, make an enquiry if you’re looking for something, and I’ll help if I can.

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