New Beginnings – it’s a daily thing

New Beginnings for Young and Old. Every day. That’s what life is about.
And it’s taken me a long, long time to learn that. Out with the “status-quo”.
Seems like deja-vu. Again. I don’t “sell” anything.
This is the “new normal”. Or new beginnings. Starting over.

new beginnings

I’m a Sharer. Sharing is Caring, in my book.  That’s why I post stuff here.
To share some of my knowledge and experiences.  
Together with thoughts and advice from the many mentors and trainers I have come across over the years.  Not the Charlatans. Good people.
I started doing it for folk like me. The older generation. 
All via Email. If you’re interested, subscribe to join me.

I didn’t save enough money over the years to spend my retirement on the beach in Mauritius.  Or I lost most of it. Actually, I gave most of it away.
To the banks and other businesses.
But so many people have been forced into “retirement” (young and old) recently, that it opens up a whole new playground.
Life is a game. An Infinite game. Never-ending.
No winners, no losers. Just participants. It’s not a competition

I enjoy playing it. It’s not a race you “run” and finish with a medal or certificate.  
I hope to keep running as long as I am able.
Continuously Learning as we follow this road to tomorrow.  

I hope you join me on my journey.

Welcome aboard. It’s a Fun Ride. Along with a few friends. Chat to Pete below.
He knows what he’s talking about. Maybe you’ll even learn something.
I do. Every week on his webinars and workshops.

Or Join the Team

With very best wishes.

Chris Wilkinson – South AfriCAN pensioner – living Online and talking via email.
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new beginnings

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