OrganiGrow, Gauteng – Natural Bio-Fertilizer and insecticide

Natural Bio-fertilizer and Pesticide – 100% Natural Plant Enhancer.
Made in South Africa.

An excellent slow-release fertilizer
The ‘Secret’ is Chitin. Chitin is a polysaccharide found in exoskeletons and droppings of insects.
Beneficial micro-organisms trigger the plant’s immune system to go into full alert

natural bio-fertilizer
  • Mixed into soil or growing medium
  • Sprinkled or Broadcast
  • Strengthens the defences within the plant against pests and pathogens
  • Used as a root-drench or foliar spray
  • Used in hydroponic systems as a tea
  • Indoor and outdoor plants – fruit, veg, herbs, trees, lawns, flower beds
  • Applications are limitless
  • Rehabilitate depleted soils
  • Produced from dried, sieved and blended multi-species – Insect frass
  • Plants self-vaccinate against Root Rot, Nematodes, Botrytis (Grey Mold), Powdery Mildew, Early and Late Blight
  • Increased Carbon and Nitrogen uptake
  • Adds beneficial microbes, Increases Bud and Crop Yield
  • And much, much more
  • Natures very own Biofertilizer and pesticide for the health and protection of your plants
  • Adds beneficial microbes
  • Assists with pH balance. 
  • No fillers or additive
  • Totally sustainable. 
  • Organigrow is an excellent slow release organic fertilizer with the added advantage of being Chitin rich.
  • Chitin is a naturally occurring polysaccharide found in the exoskeletons and droppings of insects
  • The immediately available source of Chitin, which is full of beneficial microorganisms, triggers the plant’s IMMUNE SYSTEM to go into FULL ALERT.
  • This results in a strengthening of defences from within the plant itself against pests and pathogens, exactly how nature intended.
  • It has earned the reputation of being a natural pesticide in addition to being a fantastic natural fertilizer/plant feed.

The applications are limitless. Can even be used to rehabilitate depleted soils. 


OrganiGrow – Natural Bio-fertilizer is a premium mix organic fertilizer produced from dried, sieved and blended multi-species insect frass. Not comparable to simple worm castings. 

  • Plant self vaccinates against Root Rot
  • Root eating Nematodes
  • Botrytis (Grey Mold)
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Early and Late Blight
  • Overall plant health and growth stimulant
  • Increases Carbon and Nitrogen uptake
  • Adds Beneficial Microbes
  • Increases bud and crop yield and much, much more.
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