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Allan Dib is the author of the One Page Marketing Plan – the book that started a worldwide movement.

Have you ever subscribed to someone’s mailing list only to get spammed with nonstop sales offers? 

It feels icky and it burns the trust you had in them.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with including a commercial message in your emails.

But the primary goal is to create a connection and nurture your prospects until they’re ready to buy.

Remember people love to buy but they hate being sold to.

You want to think of your email list as an asset that gets more valuable over time.

If you do it right, your audience comes to know you, like you, and trust you more over time….and some of them will want to do business with you.

But to build this asset, you need to create trust, provide value, and most importantly, give more than you take.

Because as soon as someone feels like all you do is take, they’ll opt-out or ignore you.

So let’s put yourself in their shoes.

After a bit of googling, someone arrives on your website and sees something that’s valuable to them.

Maybe it’s a checklist, or framework, how-to guide, free trial, price list, whatever.

They know this could be the solution to their problem, BUT they’ve been down this road before.

In the past, they’ve signed up for freebies only to be bombarded by endless promotions. 

They’re hesitant, cautious, and skeptical about opening up their inbox to you. 

So be different.

As they begin to read your email, they’re looking for the same red flags as before.

But you know better. Instead of hitting them with a hard sell, you offer them value, entertainment, opinion, education.

Remember, you want to build an asset rather than destroy trust.

And of course, when the time is right for them, you’ll be the person they trust to take the relationship further and potentially become your client.

Have you implemented the magic of email marketing in your business?

With grateful thanks and very best wishes,

Chris Wilkinson – T/a African Nursery Supplies – My Front Page


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