Retirement is not an easy decision.

But a much-needed one and must be planned accordingly.
It is a vast and complicated subject.

lets talk about retirement

A lot of us approach retirement with trepidation and angst. Fear.
What can we do?
Have we made enough provision to retire?
How long can I keep my job?
The youngsters are queuing up to take it.

This is scary, but what can we do?

Most of the retirement advice is aimed at those people who still have good jobs and are going on pension soon.
They have pension funds or retirement annuities.
The insurance companies make a fortune.
But where does it leave us a few years after we have retired?

I am not a financial advisor, so I can’t help with your money issues.
I can only give some guidance, based on my experiences.
I’ve been through a lot in my short life.
Owned small businesses.
Tried a lot of different things. Won some, lost some.
But I’m still around to tell the story.
And I’d like to share some of those experiences.
Lots of ideas and suggestions, particularly for those of us over the age of 60.

It's never too late to learn. We can still teach others.

Or learn to help ourselves a little better.
Tomorrow holds a better place for us all.
If we are prepared to learn and share that learning with others just like us.
We have to just get on and make our own great future.
But we have to act on what we learn.

Plans with no action won't get us anywhere.
We have to practice what we learn, over and over.
Edison took over 1 000 tries before the lightbulb was perfected.
But he didn't give up. Which is a good thing.
If he had, we wouldn't have electricity today.
Despite Eskom's efforts at preventing us from having it.

Young people are more than welcome to join in, as they are the future.
We can teach them an awful lot too, can't we?
There are many fundis around who can give us expert guidance and advice.
If you think you can't afford to invest in your own learning, please think again.

You owe it to yourself and your family and friends not to be a burden.
Have a look at Peter Carruthers' courses at the Academy of Business Owners.

The Academy of Business Owners

I have done most of the courses myself and recommend Peter very highly.
As a trainer, mentor and friend.
There is bound to be a course or two for you.

Whether you're young or old. Rich or Poor.

With or without experience.
Wherever you live. Whatever you do.
Whether you have a job or are self-employed. Learn to Earn.
You can't lose. Good luck. Luck is what you get when you cross opportunity with action.

Go for it - Make your own.

With very best wishes for a brighter tomorrow

lets talk about retirement
lets talk about retirement

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