Increase Crop Yield without damaging the soil

Increase crop yield and help the world combat climate change.
Two friends, Johan and Theo. started GuanoBoost 2018.
Joined soon after by their Irish “Paddy” friend and mentor, Stephen.

They had a vision of helping farmers, growers, and gardeners to improve soil health.
Thereby helping them to increase crop yield and health.
Without damaging the soil.
Preserving it for future generations.
Without the use of chemical fertilizers

increase crop yields

Made in Pretoria from 100% organic materials.

Constant use of chemicals on crops has a harmful impact.
Chemical fertilizers kill vital microorganisms in the soil.
The nutrients become locked into the soil, unavailable to the plants.
To get the same yields we have to use more chemical fertilizers.
The soil becomes more and more depleted.
And the cycle continues year after year.

Soil regeneration is all about putting organic material back.

Unlocking the vital nutrients which are not open to the plant.
So farmers can increase crop yield.
And GuanoBoost will do that for you.

increase crop yields

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increase crop yield
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