I’m voting DA for Change! How about you?


The time for change in South Africa is coming soon – 1st November, in fact.

And, while we talk about this change, I’m asking everyone who can, to vote in the local elections.

This time, it’s not about who we support politically. It’s about our community. Us. Our suburbs and towns.

If everybody decides not to vote, for whatever reason, nothing will change.

I live in a very nice area, where everything works reasonably well. I pay my rates and taxes.

Pick-it-up collects our garbage every Monday. Our potholes are fixed regularly.

The municipality clears our blocked drains whenever we report them.

So, I’m reasonably happy. And very lucky. But I will vote in the upcoming elections. 

If I wasn’t happy, I’d vote for someone who I believe MAY do a better job. 

I’ve never met my local guy, (who is a DA Councillor) but I’m happy with the service, so I don’t need to know him.

Find out who your local guy/gal is. Does he/she do a good job? Vote for him/her.

You can even talk to them. It may (or may not) help, but the least we can do is try.

If you get no response, or a bad one, vote for someone else. Simple.

If their work isn’t better in five years’ time, we get to vote for someone else again. 

Sometimes, new brooms do sweep clean. The old ones are all broken.

Give it a chance. Every 5 years. Until we get it right. Remember, we get the government we deserve.

And the one WE vote for. If they don’t do the job, vote them out. Simple as that.

And on that note, take a little time to watch this video.

DA Leader, John Steenhuisen; DA Head of Policy, Gwen Ngwenya; Chairperson of the Finance, Economic Opportunities and Tourism Portfolio in the Western Cape Provincial Legislature, Deidré Baartman.

DA mayoral candidates, Marlene van Staden and Peter Teixeira, join our host, Richard Newton, for the first in a series of discussions about the DA’s to-do list for local governments.

PS. Well done everybody. No need to bash others, simply keep showing us what you are doing.
At 75 my future is behind me, so I’m voting for my very young Grandchildren. All the best.

Shared with grateful thanks and very best wishes,

Chris Wilkinson – T/a African Nursery Supplies – My Front Page


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