I prefer email. Just between you and me.

How to sell more using email

Most of us work on a shoestring budget.

We can’t afford expensive marketing or advertising. The shotgun approach.

Aim anywhere and hope you hit something. Anything.

Whilst Social Media is popular, it is very generalised, with a shotgun type approach.

To everybody. From everybody.

Everybody has an email address, don’t they?

Email is professional and direct.

To people who WANT to hear from you.

It allows one to reach out to those interested in doing business with you.

Or even to chat via the written word.

Learn to use email the right way and avoid upsetting folk.

Their time is as valuable as yours is.

That alone makes email marketing effective in reaching your customers, friends or family.

Phone calls are so interruptive and distracting.

With very best wishes,

How to sell more using email

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