How History Affects Our Future

Asia’s economic success stories have been extensively documented.

Attracting a steady stream of visitors to countries like China, Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea who seek to witness their remarkable growth.

How History Affects Our Future

What lessons can Africa learn from these experiences, and who should serve as an inspiration?

Political analyst, Moeletsi Mbeki, presents a fresh perspective.

He suggests that South Africa should redirect its focus away from the East and instead look to the New World, particularly the United States that we should emulate.

In an interview with Biznews, Mbeki draws parallels between the American experience and South Africa’s.
Emphasising the need for South Africa to break free from its neo-colonial economic structure imposed by the British.
Which relies on the export of raw materials.
He says that the big mining companies show little interest in beneficiation, instead focusing on excavation and calls for a revolutionary shift to proper industrialisation.
Which includes a fundamental overhaul of South Africa’s education system.

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How History Affects Our Future