Have you saved enough money to retire?

Hello. Peter Carruthers here.

You may have seen news of Hurricane Fiona zooming up the Atlantic Coast of the USA.

I am on Price Edward Island in Canada this month. The hurricane looks set to sideswipe us on Friday night. I’ve never been in 120 kph winds before.

On a different note, this recent ESKOM debacle scared a few people into emailing me to ask for more info on the CrashProof your Future Online course.

enough money to retire

I originally started this project to buffer looming retirement.
And to stop load-shedding from destroying our futures.

Here is the challenge we want to solve.

Very few small-business owners reach retirement age with enough money stashed away to survive the following 25 years.

Our journey towards 65 is often erratic. Many mistakes punctuate it as we try to carve a living for our families. On top of this, there seems to be a constant flow of external disasters affecting our chosen playing field. (Think of COVID and Eskom.)

We don’t have the stability our parents had, nor the guaranteed pensions.

To derive a retirement income of R10,000/month, you’d need to have R1,250,000 already saved.

If not, assuming you’re a 50-year-old male, you’d have to invest R7300 per month for 17 years, increasing at the inflation rate each year. This is a heck of a lot of money. It’s out of the reach of most of us. (Calculation taken from Sanlam’s Retirement Calculator.)

Excluding inflation, that’s 17 years x 12 months x R7300 = R1,489,200 – a chunk more than most of us can afford.

Let’s look at that R10,000 from a US Dollar perspective. It is much easier to earn one dollar online than to earn R18 offline.

As I write this, R10,000 equals US$570. Check out Example #1 to see how little effort is needed to cover that monthly expense online. I have not been paying much attention, but this single sale five years ago has produced R125,000 in commissions and still delivers R2050/month. You can do this.

You will need:

  • A PC, ideally a laptop – Windows, Apple, Linux or Chromebook
  • An internet connection once or twice each week.

Please check out the ludicrous offer. It includes:

  • Lifetime access for yourself and one family member
  • Downloadable Videos and Notes
  • Ask questions inside each lecture

Back to the looming storm. The place I am in survived Hurricane Dorian in 2019 with nary a scratch, so I am confident of survival. But, there is a chance the electricity will be off for the weekend. It feels like “home”.

Warm regards.

enough money to retire


Shared with very best wishes,

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