In this episode of the State of the Nation with Mike Sham, we are excited to have GG Alcock as our guest to discuss South Africa’s informal economy.

GG Alcock on the booming township economy

GG Alcock is an acclaimed author, entrepreneur, and speaker with deep knowledge and expertise on the informal economy of South Africa.

With his extensive experience in the field, he offers invaluable insights into the dynamics of the informal sector, its contribution to the South African economy, and the challenges that informal businesses face.

In this interview, we will delve into various aspects of South Africa’s informal economy, including its size and scope, the opportunities it presents for entrepreneurs, the challenges of informal business operations, and the potential for formalization.

Join us for this insightful conversation with GG Alcock on South Africa’s informal economy.

GG Alcocks Book Kasinomics Revolution is at

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GG Alcock on the booming township economy

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GG Alcock on the "booming" township economy

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