For S’afriCANS. We “maak ‘n plan”!

As we get a little older every day, so we have to adapt to our circumstances. As S’afriCANs.


And, change they will. Every day, something a little different.

Not always pleasant. Some good, some bad.

Never boring in South Africa though.

Our circumstances are a direct result of our past choices.

So say the Egg-spurts!

And our future depends on the choices we make today.
In everything we do.

We always have a choice. So say I, and many other experts.

For my 75th birthday in July, my family gave me an OpenView decoder to replace my DSTV one.

It saves me R120.00 per month. No, I didn’t have Premium. I don’t support monopolies. That’s my choice.

Even though I love Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, and Golf. I can watch the highlights on YouTube. For Free.

I don’t need 24-hour news channels, either. I’m much more relaxed nowadays, I assure you.

I get all that on Youtube too, if I want to. Again, my choice.

I can see what’s going on in the country through subscribing to The Daily Maverick and Daily Friend.

And I attend webinars run by them (all for free) if I’m interested. All online. Nothing is forced on me.

Back in the day, we paid a small fortune to attend conferences to hear experts like these.

Now we can benefit from their vast knowledge and insights by subscribing to their YouTube Channels.

Isn’t the “new normal” fantastic?

For those who don’t subscribe to my newsletter, a reminder. In case you need a little something.

You will find all the price lists on the different pages. And on the newsletter every Tuesday.

Simply tell me what you need and I’ll take it from there. It is a Mail Order Business, after all.

If you’re looking for something else, let me know and I’ll do what I can for you. At least I’ll try.

Have a good day.

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