Every Day should be Mandela Day – Doing it the Madiba Way

Like Nelson Mandela, there are many other institutions doing their best for democracy in South Africa.

They include Gift of the Givers, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA).
Also, the Ahmed Karhrada Foundation and ReImagineSA. The new kid on the block. 
Rooted in Ubuntu – Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu – I am because you are.
They all need the support of us ordinary S’africans. Like you and me.
They are fighting our battles against anarchy for us. The Madiba Way!

All the Ways to Help South Africa Through Tough Times!

Thousands of South Africans are looking to lend a helping hand during this time.
So we have listed all the organisations we know of working to make a change. 
At The Good Things Guy, we can all lend a helping hand. 

The Daily Maverick – While the Covid-19 pandemic drags on, the level of need in South Africa continues to grow. From organisations that support business owners to NGOs that feed communities, there is no shortage of ways to make a difference. Here’s how you can help.

By supporting these associations and institutions, we can all be part of the solution.

Last week we started rebuilding after what was a terrible week before.
I was saddened by the happenings. Sad, but understandable.
What impressed me most was the way extraordinary S’africans stood up to the anarchy.
Bravo! You have my utmost respect. Every single one of you.
This is how we will make South Africa a place for all of us who live here.
Together, in peace and harmony. Helping, sharing.
For more good things about our beautiful country, check out SA the Good News.

I shall try, in my very small way, to spread positivity. With a little help from my friends.
The products I sell (you’ll see them here) are how I earn a little living. 
I don’t want to build an empire. I just want to help where I can. 
A portion of my sales will be donated to Associations like the ones above. 
Just like I used to do at SANA. In my previous life. As a SANA Hero.
More especially the smaller ones. A lot of little makes a big pile, eventually.

Being self-employed is almost like being unemployed nowadays. There are a lot of us.
Big business or government are not going to help us. For many reasons.
Mostly because of greed, state capture, politicians filling their pockets, etc, etc, etc, etc.
They want it all for themselves. “Forget you Jack, I’m alright!”  I’m sure you know the saying.
Use the original word, if you like. This is a family talk.

Some say we’re too old. Or too young. Not experienced. Or too experienced.
Too ugly. Or too pretty. Not sexy enough. Or too sexy.
We have to fend for ourselves. And help and support each other.
Not being an expert at anything, I use other people to get the message across.

People like Peter Carruthers at the Academy of Business Owners. Learn to Earn.

Or Vusi Thembekwayo on YouTube. And Simon Sinek and Seth Godin’s Blog

Sharing all the good stuff that’s out there. I’m not the expert, they are. 
I simply feature them on my website and weekly newsletter.
You can subscribe from the Sidebar if you want to.

I hope they can help you. I know they will, if you give them a chance.

We can all put a little positivity into people’s lives. That’s my “Job”.

A little bit of “positive” always wins against a lot of “negative”.

With grateful thanks and very best wishes

Chris Wilkinson (Sole Prop – Bootstrapper – Eternal Optimist) 

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