Don’t just sit there, try writing something.

Instead – from Seth Godin 

A simple substitute might change a habit. 

  • Instead of a snack, brush your teeth. 
  • Instead of a nap, go for a walk. 
  • Instead of a nasty tweet or cutting remark, write it down in a private notebook. 
  • Instead of the elevator, take the stairs. 
  • Instead of doom-scrolling, send someone a nice note. 
  • Instead of an angry email, make a phone call. 
  • Instead of a purchase seeking joy, consider a donation… 

And some good advice from Seth in another blog post. He says: Write Something.

Then improve it. Then write something else. Repeat this process until you have a post. 

Then post it. Then repeat this process. 

There’s no such thing as writer’s block. There’s simply a fear of bad writing.

Do enough bad writing and some good writing is bound to show up. 

And along the way, you will clarify your thinking and strengthen your point of view. 

But it begins by simply writing something. 

One day, I might write something good. In the meantime, I’ll just keep on trying.

Have a good day,

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