A message from the Free Market Foundation.

Joining Phila today is David Ansara, Chief Executive at the Free Market Foundation.

Free Market Foundation

An independent Public Benefit Organisation founded in 1975 to promote and foster an Open Society, the rule of law, economics, press freedom, human rights, and democracy.
Based on classical liberal principles.

David clarifies what he means by “Free Market”.

Chief Executive at the Free Market Foundation

He dispels some lingering myths about it.
And he elaborates on the values of the FMF.
Further, David talks about what he would like to achieve.
And why he thinks that South Africa is desperate for Free Market ideas.
Finally, David and Phila talk about the current economic climate in South Africa.
Drawing on some tangible issues that need addressing.

Want to know more about the Free Market Foundation? Click Here.

With very best wishes,

Chief Executive at the Free Market Foundation

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