Using Email in Your Retirement

Using email in your retirement is faster, more affordable, and more valuable than any other medium.

email to retirement

How important is growing your retirement business to you?

Making money without having to work 18-hour days?
Helping others to find what they may be looking for?
Over the years, we have all tried various methods to make a living.
With the same marketing or advertising approach as others.

Some worked, and many didn't!

Most of us struggled. Either not marketing or using mass advertising.
To be successful we need people to buy what we are selling.
To strangers, most of the time.
People who have no idea who we are.
They don't know us.
They don't know what we market, or who we promote.

Because of this, they don't trust us.
They find us via our website. Or Google, Social Media, or advertising.
All this is very expensive. And we have no idea how well they work.
Because we are not able to measure their effectiveness.
Everything changes. Almost daily.

Finding new prospects becomes an expensive exercise.

Each one is a "hard sell".
The majority do not buy. They're just curious.
So the cost of sale is much higher than we can afford.
And there is no certainty in anything, especially sales.

This is the approach that most small business owners follow.
Long before they are even thinking of retirement.

Successful people do one thing very differently.
They stay in touch with their customers.
Each old customer becomes a prospect for something else.
And each person who doesn't buy something is a prospect for tomorrow.

Keeping in touch is vital for business

The longer we keep in touch with people, the easier it is to sell to them.
A prospect is not someone we dispose of because they didn't buy.
Maybe next time, they will.
Staying in touch allows us to share stories about their problems.
Problems we may have a solution to.

The more stories we share, the more others trust in us. And that is what email marketing is all about.
Not the rubbish you get each day from folk who think sell, sell, sell. 
That's just pushy advertising. Or the "S" word.

For a small business owner, email marketing is simple.

It looks complex because:

  • Where do we start with our first list?
  • What do we write about? The subject, content, our style.
  • Which Service to Use? 
  • Each hurdle seems higher than the last one.
  • Each demands answers to many questions.

This is why many of us never even get started.

Peter Carruthers can help you with getting started.
Pop along to his Home Page and see what he can do for you. 

Email to Prepare for Retirement

You will be converting prospects to customers within a few days.
Building relationships is more important than money.
And, over time you will make more money than you are now.

So you will be able to retire in comfort within a year or two.
That's something to look forward to, isn't it?
I wish you well on your journey.

PS. If you already have a business and would like to go Online, I suggest you pop along to and check out their offers. Or simply click the pic below.
Even if you want to try doing a little affiliate marketing yourself.
At the very least, you will learn something.

Email to Prepare for Retirement

Retirement means you get to do what you “want” to, not what you “have” to.

With very best wishes, 

email to retirement

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How to Start a Blog – with expert help

We all know that anybody can start a blog and make lots of money. Right?
It’s a bit more complicated than that. But anybody can do it.
It’s all a matter of learning how to do it.
Not with degrees or qualifications. We don’t have to be “tech” proficient.
It’s more about learning to write so that people can understand us.

How to Start a Blog with expert help

It’s a “simple” process, but not an “Easy” one.

We have to do the work. No one can do it for us.
Don’t be mis-led by all those promises of “instant wealth”.
Especially with little or no work involved.
There is a mountain of work involved.

If you want to be a doctor, you have to study for seven years or so.

And a whole lot more, if you want to specialise.

There is no such thing as “easy money”.
Even “passive income” has to start somewhere.
And, it takes time. Sometimes, it takes a long time.
Like studying to be a doctor. Or a pharmacist. Even a writer.

What it takes most are learning and practicing. Lots of practice.
We have to want to learn and learn. Then learn some more.
Be prepared to practice every day. Or night.
The beauty is that once everything is set up and working, making money online is simple. Nobody can tell you it’s easy.

Then again, anything that’s easy isn’t worth doing.
Because everyone else is doing it.
It even happens while we are sleeping.
The Internet and Google never sleep.

And your blog posts are a living thing. Living Online.

It’s the best address you can have.
And once we know the basics, it’s all up to us.
It’s a new world out there. We need to be a part of it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out Peter Carruthers’ Home Page.

He is the expert on this and will show you the way.
But you have to do the work.
He will show you the best and cheapest way to do things.

Already have a website/Blog? could be the place to go.

Even to sign up as an affiliate, and market lots of products

No heavy overheads like staff, buildings, trucks and the like.

In fact, starting a blog is the least expensive option.
Even if you only use it to promote your brick and mortar business.
I hope this will help you to get enthusiastic about tomorrow.
The road is long and hard, but very rewarding.

Go for it.

I Live Online, I chat via Email.
A “Newsletter” every week, normally on a Monday. No Spam. No BS.

How to Start a Blog with expert help

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Retirement is a whole new ball game

Retirement – after working most of our adult lives we now face the prospect.

Retirement is a whole new ball game

No more managers to tell us what to do. No more clocking in or out.
Our time is, at long last, our own. What are we going to do with it?
Even though we may have saved enough for our later years, there’s always something that crops up to rock the boat.
Keeping busy is the most important.
If not for the money, for our own health and peace of mind.

Here are just a few tips, gathered from many sources, to help.

  • Live within your means.
  • Try to stick to a budget.
  • Only buy what you need, when you need it. IF you need it at all.
  • Buying just because it’s on “special” is a waste of money.
  • Buying anything in bulk eats cash flow.
  • You may need that cash for something else very soon. An emergency.
  • Don’t buy what you cannot afford to.
  • Never use credit to buy instant gratification stuff.
  • In fact never buy anything on credit. It will always bounce back to hurt you.
  • More so in your later years.
  • Start an Online Business – more about that later

Travel. If you can afford it, make up for all those holidays you missed out on because of work.
Visit friends and family you haven’t seen for a long time. Especially kids and grandchildren.
Make the most of them while you can.
Or take a cruise. It’ll do wonders for you.
Fix up the house. You’ve got the time now.
Fix all those irritating things you’ve put off for years.
Or paid someone else to do.
You can save a great deal of money by doing it yourself, while improving the value of the house.
For the day you sell and move to the retirement village.

Move to the country.

Sick and tired of the traffic, noise and expense of the city? Move.
You don’t have a job anymore, you can live where you want to.
Start a veggie garden. Plant a few fruit trees.
You could even make a bit of pocket money selling to friends and neighbours.
Or donate to a local charity.

Move to the city.

Downsize to a flat or townhouse.
Become active in the community. Join the library or social club. Sports club.
Or the local chess club. Play in the local band, if there is one. If there isn’t, start one.
Start a business. Use your experience gained to start your own business.
Consulting on a small scale. It will grow over time.
Teach others to do what you’re an expert in.

Start an online business. Sell stuff online through your own website
Learn how to Start Your Own Online Business. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.
Want some help in doing this? Visit the Academy of Business Owners.
Choose a course that will help you.

Still want a place to go to every day? Miss the camaraderie of working with other people?
Find a fun part-time job with a small business near you. It’s not about the money.
Having a job won’t make you rich, but it will give you somewhere to meet new people.
Especially if it’s a service-type job. Like a salesperson at the local hardware.

Learn How to Use Email to sell and market products for yourself.

Volunteer. Retirement gives you plenty of time to give back.
There are lots of opportunities to help with volunteer work.
Start with the local church or Civic Association.
Dare I say it? Your favourite political party?

Opportunities abound. Here are a few more.

  • Spend time with friends.
  • Get to know some of the other retired people in your area.
  • Take walks around the neighbourhood.
  • Chat with people.
  • Visit family.
  • Get in touch with those you have lost touch with over the years. Even if it’s only via email. Everyone has an email address, don’t they? Or a cell phone.
  • Start a family Whatsapp group. Stay in touch. Babysit. Everybody needs a babysitter now and then.
  • Family, friends, and neighbours. Offer your services. All kids love Granny and Grandpa. You could even earn a little pocket money. Not for your own grandchildren, though. They’re a blessing.
  • Be a mentor. Many young people would love to have someone take an interest in them.
  • Chat to an orphanage in your area. Find a young person to mentor.
  • Take time out of your week to change someone’s life.
  • Learn new things. Do a course in something. Watch some YouTube videos. Millions of things to do and learn. It’s all up to you.
  • Read. Spend your days reading as many books as you can. Modern technology is fantastic, but a book always seems more intimate. Whatever the subject. Join a book club or library. Make it a passion.
  • Write a book. Writing a book takes time. E-books are cheap to produce and you don’t need a publisher.

Start with a Website / Blog

  • Or start with a Blog.
  • Or write a course through one of the many platforms available.
  • Learn something new. Learn to play the piano. Or guitar. Any musical instrument. Music has proved to help avoid the onset of dementia and alzheimer’s disease. And it’s great fun.
  • Take a few lessons. Or find them on Youtube.
  • Start a Hobby. Expand your interests. Hobbies like fishing, hiking, gardening, painting, photography are excellent ways to stay busy.
  • Join a Gym. Not my idea of fun, but it’s your life and your retirement we’re talking about here.
  • Or you could do nothing at all. You’ve earned that much. You can do whatever you want to.
  • Nobody can tell you what you have to do any more.

Retirement means you do what you “want” to, not what you “have” to.

With very best wishes,

Retirement is a whole new ball game

How to sell more using email

I prefer email. Just between you and me.

How to sell more using email

Most of us work on a shoestring budget.

We can’t afford expensive marketing or advertising. The shotgun approach.

Aim anywhere and hope you hit something. Anything.

Whilst Social Media is popular, it is very generalised, with a shotgun type approach.

To everybody. From everybody.

Everybody has an email address, don’t they?

Email is professional and direct.

To people who WANT to hear from you.

It allows one to reach out to those interested in doing business with you.

Or even to chat via the written word.

Learn to use email the right way and avoid upsetting folk.

Pop along to Pete Carruthers’ Home Page and see how he can help you.

That alone makes email marketing effective in reaching your customers, friends or family.

Phone calls are so interruptive and distracting.

With very best wishes,

How to sell more using email

Or Check out to Market your own business Online

Herman Mashaba on SA Politics

Herman Mashaba is the founder of ActionSA in South Africa.

Herman Mashaba on SA Politics

The party promotes “non-racialism, free-market principles, and individual freedoms”

They stand for:

  • The promotion of economic growth and social justice in South Africa.
  • Investment in education and skills development
  • Measures to reduce crime and corruption in the country
  • The rights of small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Tolerance and Inclusivity in South Africa.
  • Opportunities for all South Africans, regardless of their background.

Herman Mashaba was speaking to Mike Sham on The State of the Nation

With very best wishes,

Herman Mashaba on SA Politics

A view of SA from the outside

A view of SA from the outside

Paul Bell is a former South African journalist now resident in Georgia after a 20-year career in strategic communications in London.

He talks to Chris Steyn on BizNewsTV about South Africa and its place in the changing world order.

He examines the way power is exercised in South Africa.
And looks back in disillusionment on how the hopes of a nation have been dashed.
Since his days as the Director of Information for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) during the country’s first democratic elections.

He also explains why he believes a revolution can’t succeed in South Africa.

Subscribe to BizNewsTV on YouTube

Withy very best wishes,

A view of SA from the outside
A view of SA from the outside