Bruce Whitfield gives an economic insight into South Africa

Bruce Whitfield is South Africa’s leading financial journalist.
He presents the ever-popular Money Show on Talk Radio 702.
And his business journalism experience has placed him perfectly to write fantastic business books.

His first book, The Upside of Down was a best-seller and highlighted how many businesses were started in adversity.

His follow-up book, Genius, focuses on some of the most ingenious South Africans.
And how they were able to grow internationally competitive businesses.
Despite successive governments who have done everything in their power to kill our economy and deprive our business people of the opportunities needed to thrive.
From 1948 to the present day.

In this interview with Mike Sham of State of the Nation fame, he discusses the book.

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Bruce Whitfield

A side hustle to supplement my pension

We know how much money we need, but not how much time we have.

Below are the products I can get for those who use them.
My small business, which I run from home.
Or is it a “Side Hustle” to supplement my pension?
Actually, I prefer to call it a Service. 
Hopefully, helping to solve somebody’s problem.
Does that make me a Service Provider? I’d like to think so.

A side hustle

Mini Bulk – Wholesale Prices – No Vat – Collections in Weltevreden Park, Jhb.
Download Price Lists for the products you are looking for.
Place the Order – Get a Quote – Make the Payment – I’ll make the arrangements.
All via Email – Simple, Quick, and Easy. 
As soon as it’s ready, I will notify you of the weight, dimensions, and address.
PS. Factories close on the 9th of December for the Christmas “Lockdown”. 

I suppose the next best thing to a side hustle is begging on the corner.
With some of the other pensioners.

Have a great day,

a side hustle

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DA leader John Steenhuisen on Devolution…

In this sobering yet hopeful discussion, DA leader John Steenhuisen explains why his party is redoubling its efforts to secure devolution of power from Pretoria to provincial governments.

What it will mean in practical ways and how it differs from the approach of Cape secessionists.

In this wide-ranging interview, he also looks ahead to December’s ANC Elective Conference.

He shares the back story of Thabo Mbeki’s re-entry onto the political stage.

He also explains lessons learned by political parties in the “coalition school”.

And provides insight into the DA’s plan for 2024 which aims at ensuring the ANC is ejected from power in Gauteng, KZN, the Free State – and Parliament itself.

He spoke to Alec Hogg of BizNews.


Chris Wilkinson – Wilko’s Pots ‘n Bags.

John Steenhuizen

A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Our planet has a carbon problem — if we don’t start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we’ll grow hotter, and faster.

remove co2

Chemical engineer Jennifer Wilcox previews some amazing technology to scrub carbon from the air, using chemical reactions that capture and reuse CO2 in much the same way trees do – but at a vast scale.

This detailed talk reviews both the promise and the pitfalls.

Check out more TED Talks at


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remove co2

Mantality – the Mens Store for the Man’s Man

Welcome to Mantality, South Africa’s premier online store for Men. 

Mantality caters to every man’s needs right from apparel, grooming, experiences and more.
All in one place. With secure payment options, fast delivery, and no additional taxes or duties.
We offer only the best in men’s gifting, accessories, gadgets, novelties, and so much more. 
Be empowered. Be your own man… 


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Do you have an Exit Strategy for your Small Business?

Peter Carruthers

Peter Carruthers wrote the best-selling book on surviving small-business closure. 
He’s guided more than 50,000 Small Business Owners since his first business closed in 1994. All Online.
Here’s some advice from him.

When you started your business, did you think about your exit strategy?

I’m not talking about retirement or selling your business.
I’m talking about the probability of business closure.

If more than 75% of small businesses close within a decade, then closure is not a distant possibility.
It is a looming probability.
More to the point, it is the default probability.

If we expected our business to close, what would we do differently?

I’ve lost count of the number of times somebody has said to me that their philosophy is, “go big or go home!” Or, “The universe knows if you’re not all in!”

This business life should fund our personal lives.
Not the other way around.
And yet, many of us are the ox, not the wagon driver.

Not only do we subsidise the startup expenses.
We fund the closure expenses through the guarantees we signed.

I saw an excellent quote a while back, “we pine for what we don’t have but don’t nourish what we already do”.

That’s a perfect saying to describe starting your own business.

Right now, two business closure events loom.

  • Zero electricity will close many SA businesses dependent on local customers.
  • And data breaches will close others.

What are you doing to prepare for them? Your exit strategy?

exit strategy

With very best wishes,

chris Wilkinson

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