Plastic Plant Pots – Collections, Gauteng

Available for Collection in Gauteng – Wholesale. Small Packs.

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plastic plant pots

Plastic Pot Orders over R10 000 qualify for the Bulk Nursery Price.

We have been supplying Plant Pots to the Nursery Industry in South Africa for more than 30 years.
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Verified Seller on Bid or Buy

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plastic plant pots

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Eco Tunnels – DIY for Farmers, Nurseries and Gardeners

  • Eco Tunnels are eco-friendly greenhouse tunnels made for DIY.
  • Perfect for small urban gardeners, farmers and nurseries.
  • We deliver throughout South Africa, using courier services
  • Our tunnels are made to order and produced locally in SA. 
  • Contact us below for more information.

Who can use our Tunnels?

eco tunnels
Beginner Growers – Experienced Growers – Nurseries – Farmers – Schools – Informal SettlementsAnybody.

More benefits:

  • Extend the growing season.
  • Use less water to nurture your plants.
  • Shield them from disease.
  • Reduce Solar Radiation.
  • Cheap yet innovative gardening.
  • Easy to assemble with full instructions.
  • A harvest to be proud of.

Our Eco Tunnels, Hydroponic Systems, and Worm Bins are world-beaters.

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eco tunnels

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eco tunnels

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eco tunnels

How to change our current situation

We can change our current situation, but it requires sharing.

Sharing information, sharing connections and sharing what we do.
We can make an impact by understanding and then teaching someone else. 
And when we share opportunities for others, they can move forward. 

  • Some People are Doing Stuff
  • Some People are Teaching It
  • Some of us are Sharing it.
How to change our current situation

And, as an Affiliate – That’s My “Job”
Sharing What Others are Doing or Teaching. 

I’m hoping you’ll find something useful in what I am sharing here.

And I also have an opinion on what’s happening in the country of my birth.
Supporting those who I believe are doing good. 

Even though, at 76, I have a great future behind me.
I am hoping to live long enough to see their dreams come true – for my children and grandchildren!

This Website is meant for those into Nursery, Landscaping, Garden and Home.
Check the Sidebar, you may find something you like.

And for those wishing to Build a Future Online?

How to change our current situation

These are the places where I share what others are doing or teaching. 

I get by with a little from my friendsThe Beatles and Friends

I understand that not everyone is looking for what I am able to offer.
Of course, I will never know unless you tell me. 

So, talk to me. Or tell your friends. Can I help you?

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My businesses are 100% online, thanks to his help.
The courses featured on his website include: 

Finding peace and happiness is a journey

There are moments when we may feel as though we have arrived.
We have found peace and happiness.
Finally, we are happy and blissfully stress-free.
But this feeling is often brief.
We are all under strain from our daily grind.

But happiness is a choice.

Depression, anxiety, stress and pain, are happiness blockers.
But we can make a choice and see the change.

There are many benefits to peace and happiness

  • Happiness lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the blood.
  • Leading to improved heart health.
  • A healthier diet helps to build immunity.
  • Increased physical performance and better sleep patterns also help.
  • Happier people live longer.
  • Our products support healthy skin, hair and nails. From the inside out.
  • They improve the shine and strength of hair and nails.
  • Assists with clearing skin breakouts
  • Lowering stress, and anxiety, inducing better sleep.
  • 100% organic nutrient-rich and paraben-free.
  • It is infused with hemp seed oil and unique botanicals.
  • Nourishing and restorative.

Made with quality, sustainable ingredients.

And 100% organic hemp seed oil.
Safe for the whole family.
100% vegan, with no aluminium, sulphates or parabens

I wish you blissful health.

Chris Wilkinson – Contact and About Me Page

Or visit me at
My International Online business Sharing with Small Business Owners

peace and happiness

Benefits of Joining an Association like SANA

There are many benefits of belonging to an Association.

I am a Gold Medalist and Honorary Member of SANA.
That’s the South African Nursery Association.
Although now retired, I am still a fan.
I used to be a SANA Hero. Way back then.
Good times. Fantastic memories. Many friends.

the benefits of belonging to an Association

Below are just a few of the benefits when you join.

Besides, it’s also a whole lot of fun

  • Major industry Trade Fairs in South Africa, twice a year
  • Newsletters, in addition to a Green Business Magazine
  • Networking events during the year.
  • To network with Customers and Suppliers
  • And Life is a Garden to market your business
  • Educational Training courses with professionals
  • Participate in an annual Garden Centre Competition
  • And there is an annual Supplier Award competition.
  • Because our Supplier members are very important
  • Affiliated membership to AgriSA. Food and Trees for Africa.
  • The South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC)
  • Link to International Garden Centre Industry via IGCA
  • Regional industry support through SANA Forums
  • Government liaison and negotiations
  • Alliances that provide financial benefits and savings

I’m pleased to see SANA still working so hard for their members.
Long may you continue.
Some of my fellow “Allied Trade” and “Grower” friends still there are:

I wish you all well for the upcoming Convention.
And the many other activities during the year.

But, most of all, keep having fun!

Click Here to visit the SANA Website for More and to Contact Us.

Or use the form below to get in touch via Email

Enquiry for SANA for More Information


the benefits of belonging to an Association

With very best wishes to all,

the benefits of belonging to an Association

Chris Wilkinson – a 75-year-old-pensioner, living on the Internet – About Me

Looking to go Online with your Business?
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Can OfferForge help you to grow your business online?

All you have to do is ask them.


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