An interview with Dr. Mpho Phalatse – Future Leader

An interview with a true leader

In this interview with Mike Sham on The State of the Nation, we delve into her political journey and learn about the DA’s vision for a better South Africa.

From their stance on important national issues to their plans for the future.
This interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in South African politics.
And the role of young leaders in shaping the country’s future.

Personally, I think it’s time for a change to become more dynamic.
“The Times they are a-changing” – Bob Dylan sang in the ’60’s.
It’s taken that long, now it’s time for a new approach.
Perhaps even a softer one!

Join us as we sit down with Mpho Phalatse for a truly enlightening and inspiring discussion.


Chris Wilkinson

An interview with a true leader

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An interview with a true leader