Paid advertising or Direct email marketing?

Old technology for a new world. Direct email marketing to our customers.

direct email marketing

I’m often asked, “How can I get more traffic to my website?” As if I’m a fundi.

If you are wanting more traffic, you need to get on the freeway.

Myself, I would rather have one interested visitor to my website than 10 000 “browsers”(traffic).

So we don’t actually want “traffic”. What we want is relevant interest in our products or services.

Traffic is an impersonal word that means… nothing! Or at the very least, “jams”.

The thing is to find relevant people with whom we can have a conversation.

Those are the people who are interested in what we can do for them.

Because disinterested people are not going to sign up for our newsletter. Or even listen to our story.

Or buy our product. Or Service. They are just going to go away. They keep chasing rainbows.

But the right people will stick around.

They’ll browse our website. Or check out a blog or two. Maybe even sign up for our newsletter.

Or make an enquiry. Giving us their permission to contact them back.

They may even buy something from there. There’s another new customer.

And we don’t have to chase or cold-call anybody. They’ll find us!

For me, a newsletter is a much better way to talk to people.

Advertising just brings a lot of the wrong people. And it’s very expensive. 

I have a friend who spends R3 000+ per month on AdWords.

Lots of visitors, but very, very few genuine enquiries. Naturally, her “techie” thinks that’s great. 

It is his job is to get more “traffic”, after all. It’s an expensive way to speak to potential customers.

I think it’s a lot of money to pay for “browsers”. In the motor trade known as “tire-kickers”. 

But that’s what advertising is, isn’t it? A shotgun approach. Ready, Fire, Aim. Hope we hit something.

Remember, the first thing people ask themselves is: “What’s in it for me?”

WII-FM. Sounds like a local radio station. 

If there’s nothing in it for them, they will just go somewhere else.

Doesn’t matter how good we think we are. Or how cheap. Or how big.

In fact, it is not about us at all. It’s about what we can do for them. 

I can’t tell you how to run your business or your life. That’s in your hands. 

But I highly recommend that you have a look at email marketing.

Mailchimp can help with direct email marketing. Starting with a Free Account. Build your list slowly.  

Start with a few existing customers. Grow from there. What have you got to lose? But you have to Start!

See what you can do with a Mailchimp Free Account.

Dream big. Start small. Grow slowly. That’s the way a good life works.

I suggest you also have a look at Peter Carruthers’ “How to use email to sell more to more people

You can join my little network by signing up for my Weekly News, top right. It’s all about direct email marketing.

And all that is only possible with your permission. Tell me it’s okay to stay in touch with you every week.

And you don’t even have to buy anything. Only if you need what me and my friends can offer you.

That’s direct email marketing for you. With your permission. Easy to leave if you don’t like me.

I appreciate you being here. Thanks for the visit.

Shared with grateful thanks and very best wishes,

Chris Wilkinson – T/a African Nursery Supplies – My Front Page

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