A letter from my Mentor…

Hi Chris.

Life is interesting, isn’t it?

Some fellow is telling the world he “patented” the CrashProofing concept I shared with 30,000 SA small-business owners between 1992-2004. I am getting a steady stream of emails from friends and clients asking why I am in bed with this fellow.

I write this email because to say just one thing: I am not associated with this fellow in any way.

Who knows what future might unfold when you meet someone for the first time. Here is a story about two men, Me and Another, who I won’t name since POPIA is now with us.

You might know of him as Gatvol, after a famous public email in which he blamed his collapsing fortunes on his MD, his entire legal team, Ian Fife, unethical journalists at the Financial Mail, and the Financial Services Board.

I quote, “Almal en alles waarvoor ek nou so lekker gatvol is neem maar kennis.”

Let me tell you the story, as far as I know.

In 1992 I closed a business and lost everything. I invested three years in talking to any business owners I could find. I wanted to find out what I had done wrong. After hundreds of such meetings, I realised how many small businesses fail. And I had six tools/ideas to help a business owner survive business closure.

In November 1995, I started training seminars to teach these tools. I called the workshop CrashProof your Business. I trained around 30,000 people until the end of 2003, when I took my entire business online.

Around 2002/3, I gave Gatvol a free seat at one of my CrashProof your Business webinars at the Riverside Hotel in Durban. I did this at the request of my son-in-law, who was doing some work for him.

After the event, we sat at the bar overlooking the pool for an hour and discussed the use of legal trusts to protect business owners facing looming closure. I gave him the details of the team of attorneys I used to help my clients.

As far as I was concerned, this was a regular post-seminar discussion.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.

Gatvol made a name for himself by creating a vast empire helping poor people buy many houses to rent out. They used Trusts to do this in a way I never envisaged. He co-opted the legal team I used. One of them subsequently did some time in prison as that business struggled when the property market fell apart.

I was surprised a few weeks ago to discover that Gatvol was telling the world he had “patented” the two-trust approach to small-business owner protection. He calls it crash-proof. He claims it’s been his child since 1996. 
You can see his video here.

It’s a good thing I beat him to the post during my first seminar in Somerset West in 1995.
To be fair, most of the crowd fell asleep because I was a poor presenter back then.

I also wrote SA’s best-selling book on the subject in 2004. I was lucky not to be dragged into court because it was a flagrant abuse of the brand he now calls his own. Sorry, the sarcasm slipped out there.

Don’t get too excited. Books about business closure don’t sell as well as books on business success. Since mine is the only book I know about SA business closure, it isn’t hard to be the best-seller.

This email is to tell you I am not associated with Gatvol in any way.
I suggest you examine any offer from him carefully before you sign up.

Click here to see the complete 1998 CrashProof your Business seminar online. (It’s free.) 
If you know anyone facing business challenges, please share this link with them: http://bit.ly/2IRDsNU

That’s all I have to say on the subject.

Stay safe.


Warm regards

  Peter D Carruthers
  Serving Entrepreneurs since 1995

With grateful thanks and very best wishes

Chris Wilkinson (Sole Prop – Bootstrapper – Eternal Optimist) 


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