A Better Direction in South African Politics

An Apolitical Civil Rights Movement is holding a People’s Summit in November, 2023.

To draw up a People’s Charter that will change the political landscape.

A Better Direction in South African Politics

Solly Moeng of The United South Africa Movement (TUSAM) tells BizNews about it.
Which influential people are involved, and who will be speaking at the summit.
He says the people of South Africa are “on their own” because there’s no leadership.

He describes as “treasonous” President Cyril Ramaphosa stance.
That he would rather be seen as a weak president than one under whom the ANC would split.

And Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema?
He does not have the “needed emotional basics” to be a leader of a country as diverse as South Africa.

Solly also urges the Democratic Alliance (DA) to take heed of “repeated” accusations of it “being arrogant.
Or “doing its own thing”. 

He calls on political parties to work together.
Because not one of them on its own can remove the ANC or weaken its power.

Mr Moeng was talking to Chris Steyn from BIZNewsTV on You Tube.

With very best wishes for a successful summit, and a better future for our country.

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