Wholesale Pots and Bags in South Africa

The name (Wilko’s Pots ‘n Bags) may be new, but I am not. 
Same old bloke at your service
I have been serving the Nursery Industry for 50 years now.
Still doing what I’ve been doing all this time. Selling Pots and Bags.
Providing a service for those who need the products I can get for them. 
Just a little differently.

Doing my own thing, as a very small service provider, from home.
I may be a “has-been”, but that’s better than being a “never-was”. 

Download a price list for the products you need.
I will do a Quotation for you.
When you make the payment, I arrange to get them ready for collection.
People prefer to use their own courier service as it works out cheaper.
You will be notified as soon as the goods are available for collection.
Weights, dimensions and address will be provided.

Download Price Lists for:
Plastic Plant Pots – Wholesale – No VAT
Nursery Plant Bags – Wholesale – No VAT

Wholesale Pots and Bags - South Africa


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I am happy to share what experts are selling or teaching.

Wholesale Pots and Bags - South Africa

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Peter Carruthers wrote the best-selling book on surviving small-business closure.
He’s guided more than 50,000 Small Business Owners since his first business closed.  

PS. Not sure what to do in your retirement or retrenchment?

Want to start a small business? Or grow an existing one? Online.
Been retrenched? Or simply lost your job? Want your own website/blog?
You will find interesting ideas for us oldies. Or Youngsters. Sales Reps. Something New for 2022.
Especially if you want to build a new income stream or Pension.
You’re never too old to Learn. Or to Earn Online.
And Retirement isn’t that far away.

Due to the POPI Act, (South Africa), I may not publish contact details.
Peter Carruthers is offering Free Training on the POPI Act.
For South African Business Owners of all shapes and sizes.
He can help you.

popi free training

Do you use a Referral / Affiliate Program in your small business?

nursery supplies

With the advent of the Internet, it has become increasingly important to have an online presence.
Whether it’s a Website or a Blog.
Especially for Small Business Owners, all around the world.

And with the increasing costs of business, it’s better to have affiliates working for you. Finding Affiliates is also easy.
Commissions are only paid once YOU have concluded the deal.
And been paid. No overheads from your side.

As the years fly by, things change. Some for better, some for worse.

Especially for Small Business Owners all over the world.

Recently, we have all been set back in our efforts
Covid, Corruption, Conspiracies, Invasions, War.
And other dreadful happenings, all over the world.
We are not alone.

But, we cannot give up.
And tomorrow will always be better, with hope.
Without hope, however, we have nothing.

Together, we can solve any problem.

Because we are South AfriCANs. Not South AfriCANT’s!
As always, things will change, they always do.
It may just take a little more time.

With very best wishes for a much brighter tomorrow,

Chris Wilkinson (Wilko)
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