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Hello – my name is Chris Wilkinson. This is my story.

I’ve been around for a while now. 75 years, so far. But alive and well.
Involved in the Nursery and Landscaping Industry in South Africa.
I was part of SA Nursery Supplies and Graemark Distributors over the years.
For those who may remember.
With our own warehouses, stock, staff, vehicles, accountants, and the rest, that came with running a business back in the 20th century. But I lost it all in 2008.
A long sad story for another day. It’s history.

I have caught up with the 21st century and using the technology available.
Especially Email.
With a lot of help from people like Pete Carruthers (Academy of Business Owners)
His courses have helped me tremendously on my journey.

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As the years fly by, things change. Some for better, some for worse.
Especially for Small Business Owners all over the world.
Recently we have all been set back.
By Covid, Corruption, Conspiracies, and other beasties.

But, we cannot give up. Tomorrow will always be better, with hope.
Without hope, we have nothing. Together, we can solve any problem.

Use the form below to get in touch with me. I will respond as quickly as I can.
Ask a question, make a comment, give a compliment. Tell me your story.

We don’t complain. We’re not South AfriCANT’s. Or AmeriCANT’s.

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With very best wishes for a much brighter tomorrow,

chris wilkinson - gold medalist.

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