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Important Notice:
Factories close for the Christmas “lockdown” on 9th December.
And re-open around the 9th of January 2023.

The name may be different, but I am the same bloke at your service
Still doing what I’ve been doing all this time.
Providing a service for those who need the products I can get for them. 
Just a little differently. All by Email.
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Enquiries for Pots 'n Bags in South Africa

Doing my own thing, as a very small service provider, from home.
Maybe I’m a “has-been”, but that’s better than being a “never-was”. 

Download a brochure or price list below.
Then tell me what you want via email.
A Quotation will be emailed to you by Reply. Or pretty quickly.
When you make the payment, I will get them ready for your collection.
Use your own courier service as it works out cheaper.
You will be notified as soon as the goods are available.
Normally within a day or two.
Weight, dimensions, and address will be provided.

If you’re looking for something else, not on the price lists, please ask, and I’ll do my best to help you. My email address is chris@ansup.co.za

With very best wishes for a much brighter tomorrow,

Wholesale Pots and Bags - South Africa

Chris Wilkinson (Wilko)

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As the years fly by, things change. Some for better, some for worse.

Change happens slowly, and then all of a sudden, like NOW.

But, we cannot give up.
Tomorrow will always be better, with hope.
Without hope, however, we have nothing.

Together, we can solve any problem.

As always, things will change, they always do.
Just like marriage – for better, for worse – for richer or poorer – in sickness and in health.
But, things always change.