Online Businesses for South AfriCAN’s

This is what I “do” – Trading as African Nursery Supplies.
It’s My “Retirement” Job. Supplementing my pension.
Online & Email.

As of today, I am no longer the “middle-man”. My day has come.
All Enquiries will be referred to the Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor.
I suppose you can call me a “lead generator”. Or a “referrer”.
Call me whatever you like, just not late for dinner.

Some factories will close on 10th December for the Christmas break.
Others on the 21st.

You’ll find the products that I market on the Sidebar to your left.
And even more under the Recent Blog Posts. Take your pick.
Mostly small businesses in the Nursery, Landscaping, Home and Garden fields.
All Enquiries are “referred” to the relevant supplier. They will respond directly.
Request a Price List. Get a Quotation. Ask a Question. They’ll get back to you.

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My Weekly Email Chat is to keep you updated, informed, and entertained.
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Things that interest us, as S’afriCANs.
Links to Organisations and people who make a difference in our country. 
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As the years fly by, things change. Some for better, some for worse.
Especially for Small Business Owners in this beautiful country of ours.
Recently we have all been set back. By Covid, Corruption, Elections and more.

But we cannot give up. Tomorrow will always be better, with hope.
Without hope, we have nothing. Together, we can solve any problem.

Use the form to get in touch with me. I will respond as quickly as I can.
Ask a question, make a comment, give a compliment.

We don’t complain. We’re not South AfriCANT’s.

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With very best wishes for a much brighter tomorrow,

chris wilkinson

Chris Wilkinson (Wilko)